It is important to keep safety and security a top priority while out enjoying caravanning or your next motorhome trip. Here at Tamar Leisure Store, we carry a range of valuable safety and security accessories which ensure quality and reliability. Caravanning and motorhoming are fantastic ways to see new parts of the country, but ensuring your home on wheels is safe and secure is paramount. Here are some essential tips to keep you and your vehicle protected:

Be Mindful of Fire Safety

It is best to equip your vehicle with smoke detectors, a carbon monoxide alarm as well as a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket to mitigate the potential risk of fire and gas leaks. Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the “silent killer” as it is virtually undetected without a CO detector. Similarly, smoke alarms provide early warning of fires, allowing occupants to evacuate safely and quickly.

Whether you are embarking on a weekend getaway or an extended road trip, having these safety accessories on hand is an invaluable way to provide peace of mind. These devices will be your first line of defence against the harmful dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire hazards, allowing you to focus on enjoying your travels, without worry.

It is crucial to install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors in the correct locations within your caravan or motorhome. Place CO detectors near sleeping areas and at least one metre away from gas applications. Smoke alarms should be installed in areas such as your kitchen space, living area, and sleeping quarters. Regular tests should be carried out, ensuring they are working properly, and batteries should be replaced to make sure they are working optimally to offer protection.

Preventing Theft

Wheel locks, also known as wheel clamps, are designed to immobilise your caravan or motorhome by securing one or wheels, making it difficult for thieves to tow or drive away with your vehicle. This added layer of security acts as a deterrent against theft, giving you peace of mind when parked in an unfamiliar setting, or stopping overnight. Our selection of wheel locks provide you with choice and peace of mind in the security of your vehicle. Our range offers compatibility for different sized vehicles, offering the most secure anti - theft devices available on the market.

Wheel locks are relatively simple to install and remove, making them a convenient security solution for travellers. Most models come with a key - operated locking mechanism that securely fastens the clamp around the wheel, providing a quick and effective security solution. We carry wheel locks designed for caravans with alloy wheels, which are suitable for use with 2018/2019 onwards Swift Edge 15" alloy wheels, as well as many makes and models.

Providing Peace of Mind

Carrying a first aid kit provides travellers with peace of mind, knowing that they are prepared to handle medical situations while on the road. If you’re exploring a remote destination or enjoying a leisurely trip to a nearby campsite, having access to essential medical supplies can make all the difference in ensuring a safe and enjoyable travel experience. Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere, so it is best to be prepared with our first aid kit, which offers all the necessary essentials to help ease the rising stress of a medical situation.

In many countries, including the UK, it is a legal requirement for caravans and motorhomes, to carry a first aid kit. Adhering to these regulations not only ensure you avoid potential fines, but ensure that you are adequately prepared to deal with medical emergencies while travelling. It is essential to keep it stocked up and supplied with in date medication. By keeping a well - stocked and properly maintained first aid kit, you can be sure you will be confident in dealing with any minor injuries such as cuts, burns, sprains, or insect bites.

At Tamar Leisure Store, your safety and security are our top priority. We are committed to providing you and your fellow travellers, with peace of mind, providing the best products and resources needed to enjoy your travelling experience. With the right preparation and equipment, you can enjoy travels with confidence, knowing you are prepared for whatever the road may bring. Safe travels.

Post By Holly