Here at Tamar Leisure Store, we believe that a caravan holiday can provide the freedom, adventure, and a break from the ordinary that we all can crave. We’re passionate about helping you embrace the joys of exploring the open road, in your own mobile haven. Here’s why a caravanning holiday should be on everyone’s bucket list:

Freedom to Explore:

With a caravan or motorhome, the possibilities are endless. You’re not tied down to a single destination or itinerary, plans can change and you can go where the weather is on your side, or where you fancy exploring one day at a time. Whether you’re drawn to coastal retreats, or tranquil countryside, you have the freedom to roam where your heart desires. But you shouldn’t need to leave all of your home comforts behind when you decide to leave for a break in your caravan. Taking what you love about your home on the go should be a part of the experience, rather than compromising on those home comforts that you are so used to.

A TV can be one of everybody’s home essentials, settling down after a long day with your family to watch a show or two before heading off to bed doesn’t need to stop when you are away from home. We have a range of TV’s, Satellite and audio options to choose from, and the Avtex frameless 24.5" LED TV is perfect for use in any leisure vehicle such as a caravan, camper or motorhome. It allows fulling HD Ultra- wide viewing angle LED screen and gorgeous new lines simply ooze class. The inspired yet practical design has resulted in the L199DRS-PRO having a 24.5” screen.

Staying connected to your loved ones at home can give you the freedom to enjoy your time away, whilst being able to let them know where you are, and what you are getting up to, no matter where you are. The Maxview Roam Mobile Wi-Fi System is a suitable alternative to using campsite Wi-Fi that is prone to high usage and low quality. This mobile Wi-Fi comes factory unlocked and will work for any Sim, letting you stay connected and allows you to use your phone as you usually would.

Flexibility and Spontaneity

Unlike traditional holidays that may require a high degree of planning, especially like a flight abroad, caravanning offers the flexibility to change course at any moment’s notice. Discover a hidden gem along the way? Simply pull over and set up camp in your new destination. Embrace spontaneity and let the road guide your adventure. It can be even more memorable to take a new direction that you hadn’t thought of before, being exposed to a new place you may not even knew existed. A BBQ out in the open, in a new place every few days can really be a change from the norm, allowing you to see what is out there with the freedom of a caravan. Check out our BBQ range here.

Connect with Nature

Immerse yourself in the great outdoors and take a moment to connect with nature. Wake up and take a look at the breathtaking views in your surroundings, breathe in the fresh air, and embrace outdoor activities that you might not always have the chance to do. These activities can include: going on fun bike riding trails, hiking, fishing, or simply take a chance to relax by the campfire under the stars. Caravanning allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and embrace nature. This can be especially poignant if you live so far away from green spaces, and are usually trapped in big city living.

We can help you take your bikes away, with our bike racks and Thule Bar Racks which can help you transport kayaks and canoes too! It is best to embrace the adventure of being away, trying new things and being positively surprised by the outcome.

Quality Family Time

A caravan holiday provides the perfect opportunity to bond and spend some quality time with friends and family. Whether it's spent playing games during some down time, sharing stories around the campfire, enjoying meals together, going on outdoor adventures or exploring new places, quality time can solidify bonds and create memories that can last a lifetime. It is something that is so meaningful and important to do, and being away can strengthen bonds.

Our camping lights can help bring everybody together on an evening. There can be nothing better than being surrounded by your loved ones, watching the sunset with a couple of camping lights glowing your conversations. You can use the lights to watch nature, spot some new animals, or simply use them to create a cosy atmosphere around your camping oasis. After 6 hours in the sun, the Solar Driven Camping Light is fully charged and will emit light for around 6-7 hours, providing you with a reliable source of light during your camping trip.

Embrace a Slower Pace

In today’s fast paced world, escaping on a caravan holiday can encourage you to slow down and really enjoy the journey. Take the scenic route, explore charming little villages and see what they have to offer, and immerse yourself in local cultures along the way. Caravanning isn’t just about reaching your destination, memories can be made when enjoying the ride and embracing the journey.

Let our camping chairs provide you with a moment outside after a long journey. Our range of chairs promise comfort and convenience, with all having easy compact designs for easy transportation and storage. A few chairs have got to be the perfect accessory for your time away, letting you be with the outdoors, taking a moment to appreciate your new surroundings at your pace.

At Tamar Leisure Store, we believe that caravanning is more than simply a holiday, it’s a lifestyle to really dive into. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or new to the world of caravanning and motor homes, we’re here to help gear you up for your next adventure. From state-of-the-art caravan awnings, to essential accessories, we’ve got everything you and your family will need to hit the road with confidence. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, prep your caravan, and embark on the ultimate road trip adventure today! See what you discover.

Post By Holly